Nimble task management for teams.

RowStack is a task manager for teams. Use it to create your backlog, manage your sprint, and make your team more efficient. It's delightful interface gives you just enough structure so you can focus on your work.

RowStack gives you the power of a spreadsheet when creating and organizing your backlog...

Spreadsheets are the default data tool because they make it easy to organize and edit data quickly. RowStack gives you the best of both worlds, the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet with the ease of use of a purpose built task manager.

Copy & Paste

Customize Columns

Sort, Drag, Organize!

Clean Up Your Backlog

Successful sprints start with organization. But no one likes staying late to get ready for sprint planning. RowStack makes your backlog grooming as quick and easy as possible. Copy and paste from anywhere, import from a spreadsheet, quickly edit many tasks at once. Everything can be edited and sorted while staying on one screen.

  • Get started by creating tasks and subtasks.
  • Quickly clean up your backlog with copy/paste and sort.
  • Add columns to customize your project.

Flip over to the Stack view to see your tickets on a friendly board.

When it's time to work on tasks the Stack view gives you a friendly to-do list. You can drag tickets to move them along your workflow. Filter by who's working on it, category, points, and more. And you can customize what's displayed for each task.

Drag and Drop Tickets

Quick Filters

Customize The Board

Ready, Set, Go! Sprint!

To keep your sprint moving smoothly, you need to know where each task is and who's working on it. Your team needs to know what to work on next and all the details of each task. RowStack gives you a clean sprint board to organize your sprint and get to work.

  • Drag & drop to move tasks along your workflow. Filter to focus on what's important right now.
  • Complete subtasks, attach files, comment, and look at ticket history. It's all there.
  • Customize your workflow on the fly to keep your team running smoothly.

Stay on top of your team's performance and stay on track with useful analytics.



Task Breakdown

Measure, Review & Gain Insight

Leaders and individual contributors need to know how the team is doing? Are you going to meet your commitments? What went well or was off track? Who is overburdened? Who's blocked? Work as a team towards the same goals.

  • Burn Down charts to to keep progress on track.
  • Velocity to track progress across sprints.
  • Breakdowns to see where tasks are stuck.

Simple Plans

Always free for personal use.

Get Started

  • Create up to 10 sheets.
  • Unlimited rows per sheet.
  • Share any sheet with up to 5 people.
  • Up to 1 attachment per row.

Pro Plan

  • Create unlimited sheets.
  • Unlimited rows per sheet.
  • Share sheets with an unlimited number of people.
  • Unlimited attachments.
  • Free 24/7 online support

Integrated with tools you already use.

Your team already has tools they use and love, and RowStack smoothly integrates with them. Lookup tasks from within Slack and get notifications when tasks change. Import spreadsheets and Trello boards to get started.

  • Import existing projects.
  • Trello and Slack Integration, with more on the way.
  • Set email notifications and export your data at any time.


How much does the service cost?

Right now it's 100% free. In the future we plan to add premium features for teams and charge a per user monthly fee.

How can I get my data out?

Every sheet can easily be exported to a CSV file from the menu. You could then import this into Google Sheets or Excel.

Is my data backed up?

Yes your data is backed up. Data is stored in multiple locations and backed up to a long term storage daily.

Can I import my data?

Yes you can import CSV files and Trello boards.

How many sheets can I create?

How much time do you have? We don't currently have a limit.

How public is a public sheet?

We do not publish the sheet URLs anywhere, but anyone who knows the URL can access it, edit it, destroy it, etc.

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We believe the tools we use to get our work done should be easy to use, flexible enough to fit our unique workflow, and tied in with the other services we use. We liked Spreadsheets and Trello for different reasons but neither met all our needs. So we thought if we could combine them together we'd have something awesome.

We look forward to working with you and would love to hear your feedback. Call us at (866) 610-6002, or e-mail us at any time.

Justin Laing, CEO

Matt Berlin, Lead Developer

Kevin Ford, Developer

James Franzen, Designer